Hand sanitiser. £7,50 a 100ml bottle. (25.03.2020 latest price)

Isopropyl Alcohol has seen huge increases in price lately due to demand. This 99%+ high strength alcohol is the recommended type to use in these products. We add some oils such as Aloe Vera and peppermint to make it more pleasant on the skin and nose. Because 70% of the bottle is Isopropyl this drives the price. We are keeping our profit margin minimal and consistent. Any price changes up or down are purely due to wholesale price changes. We do not want to take advantage of demand. We have a reputable local shop and are making this to service local needs.

We will review our prices with each batch we make

100ml bottles of hand sanitiser

Screw top dispensing so they do not clog. Twist the bottle top to allow a few drops out, these bottles won’t clog up with the oils like squirty bottles.

These are Peppermint scented, the apples in the picture are to give you a visual guide to the bottle size and are not included.

Isopropyl Alcohol - 70%

The remaining 30% is:
Aloe Vera
Argan Oil
Peppermint Oil
Distilled Water

Please shake before each use. We don’t add anything to keep the products mixed and over time they may separate in the bottle so please shake for the best results.

Made in Kent

We have been making this product for a while and it has always been popular, we have just increased the volume of production lately.

3 max per customer please

Natural Hand Sanitizer